Pink Ribbon Scholarships


Scholarship Information

The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Scholarship Program was established in 1999 by Tod and Judy Pickett, as a branch of the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Fund. 

Most scholarships are based on academic or athletic achievement, but this scholarship is based on life experience.  It is a scholarship that no one wants to win; but is intended to help with the cost of college for a family struggling through a cancer experience.  

Since 2000, we have been honored to award over $118,000 to very deserving students.  The scholarships are awarded in May to qualifying seniors at the comprehensive high schools in El Dorado County, California. (El Dorado HS, Golden Sierra HS, Oak Ridge HS, Ponderosa HS, So. Lake Tahoe HS and Union Mine HS).  The scholarships are redeemable with proof of college enrollment.


1. Applicants must have an immediate family member (living in the household), diagnosed with cancer of any type. 

2. Applicants will complete application and write and essay (not more than 500 words) describing the lessons they learned from their cancer experience. 

3. A parent or surviving family member must verify that the diagnosis is valid.

4. Applications can be found at Scroll down to Pink Ribbon Scholarship.

5. Applications are due March 1, 2019 and can be sent to the following address OR given to school guidance counselor.  

El Dorado Community Foundation - Pink Ribbon Scholarship
PO Box 1388
Placerville, CA  95667 

Past Recipients

Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship winners!  We wish you the best in your college years, your future is now, enjoy!

2018 Recipients:

El Dorado Virtual Academy - Kailyn Violette

El Dorado High School - Ben Grigsby

Oak Ridge HS - Terry Chen, Maegan Cope, Jordan Daily, Joely Fontana

Ponderosa HS - Regina Nelson

Union Mine HS - Lauren Smith

2017 Recipients:

Ponderosa  HS - Owen Murphy, Conner Gigone, Mary Wilde and Mikayla Christensen 

Oak Ridge HS - Alexandra Mahaney, Delaney Kelleher, Skyler Rasmussen
El Dorado HS - Molly Hargo
Union Mine HS - Arturo Gonzalez and Lauren Ray

Golden  Sierra HS - JoDee Stryker
South Lake Tahoe HS - Caitlin Hannah


2016 Recipients:
Ponderosa HS - Zack Steiner and Abbie Jones
Oak Ridge HS - Claire Cahill, Peyton Wright, Gabe Garcia, Madison Daughtery and Elizabeth  Cameron 
Union Mine HS -  Maia Hugaard
El Dorado HS - Natali Van Leeuwen
Golden Sierra HS - Sabrina Parker
So. Lake Tahoe HS - Melanie Anchez 


2015 Recipients:
Ponderosa HS - Hannah Hill, McKenna Fox, Shelby Randall, Cameron Wheeler, Megan Bretz
El Dorado HS- Shannon Watson, Wade Bennett, Savannah Barnhill
Union Mine HS - Grace Keck and Steven Haugaard
Oak Ridge HS -  Sara Bocinski
Golden Sierra HS - James Hansen
So. Lake Tahoe HS - Kira Smith 
2014 Recipients:
Ponderosa  HS - Rebecca Boyes, Trevor Swartz, Dalton Dashnaw, Sierra Christenson and Hayden Cooksey
El Dorado HS - Renee Marshall
Union Mine HS - William Winters
Oak Ridge HS - John Alvear

2013 Recipients:
Ponderosa HS - Caleb McNitt
El Dorado HS - Raven Barrett
Oak Ridge HS - Megan Engle, Katharine Newton, Haley Anderson, Jesslyn Lane

2012 Recipients:
Ponderosa HS - Heidi Hill, Cameron Miller, Conner Swartz, Shelby Randall, Megan Bretz
El Dorado HS - Wade Bennett, Savannah Barnhill, Shannon Watson
Oak Ridge HS - Sara Bocinski, Matthew Holbrook
Union Mine HS - Grace Keck, Steven Haugaard
Golden Sierra HS - James Hansen
South Lake Tahoe HS - Kira Smith

2011 Recipients:
Ponderosa HS - Taylor Cooksy and Allison Proud
El Dorado HS - Rachel Galvin and Megan Byer
Oak Ridge HS - Cole Hansen and Jillian Hermansky
El Dorado Charter School - Kaitlyn Dickson

2010 Recipients:
Ponderosa HS     -  Kara Randall and Yulia Chekmareva
El Dorado HS      -  Kailyn Ross
Oak Ridge HS     -  Carissa Lane, Linnea Jordan and Yalor Jashinsky
Union Mine HS   -  Emily Fuller
Golden Sierra HS -  Chelsea Tillotson

2009 Recipients:
Ponderosa HS  - Austin Swartz and Debbie Huber
Union Mine HS - Annamarie Fieldig
Oak Ridge HS  -  Michael Ricks
El Dorado HS  -  Kara Wickern, Bailey Cox, Jennifer Johnson, Stephanie Ranks and Kayla Christopherson

2008 Recipients:
Union Mine HS - Janelle Pubols and Ilaria Mastroserio
Ponderosa HS - Kayla Ewert, Molly McGimsey and Alexandra Zawilski
El Dorado HS - Joseph Olney
Oak Ridge HS - Annie Larson

2007 Recipients:
Golden Sierra HS - Amber Petree
Ponderosa HS - Katie Lomax and Michelle Mosley
Oak Ridge HS - Aimee Bedoy
Union Mine HS - Shantal Byrd

2006 Recipients:
El Dorado High School - Kelsey Wicker
Golden Sierra High School - Samantha Shade
Oak Ridge High School - Alexandra Hahn-Klun
Ponderosa High School - Brian Kaiser
Union Mine High School - Melissa Holm

2005 Recipients:
Ponderosa HS - Mariette Williams, Lauren Ewert
El Dorado HS - Julia Lehrman
Union Mine HS - Charity Bowman, Kyle Publos
Granite Bay HS - David Gaines, Leah Fong

Golf Tournament

The Cameron Park Women's Golf Group held their annual Pink Ribbon Tournament on Tuesday, May 16, at the beautiful CP Country Club.  The turn out was fabulous and a great time was had by all!  We thank the women's group and Cindy Stephens for their support for the past five years.  Together we are allowing residents of El Dorado County access to free mammograms so they can take charge of their breast health.